Positive Thoughts Are Mine, Today!

Positive Thoughts Are Mine, Today!
by Kathy Mathiason, RScP

In this sacred moment, I know that there is one Divine Power that is creating everything in the universe. This Loving, Intelligent Power is the force behind all that exists, seen and unseen. Spirit knows nothing outside Itself, and nothing different from Itself; therefore, all is Spirit.

I am an important part of this Intelligent, Loving Spirit. Every thought I have manifests into form. What I experience at this moment is the result of my thoughts. Not just some thoughts, but all of my thoughts. Through my Oneness with the Divine I know my thinking is creative and productive.

I now use my power of choice to change my thinking and my experiences. With this awareness of self-mastery I have the courage to change my thinking. I know that there is only good in my life. So right now, I allow only positives healthy thoughts to enter my mind. I accept only good for myself and others. At this sacred time I let myself become one with the realization that I am the director of my thinking and therefore the master of my life. I know what I think I am; therefore I carefully choose the thoughts I think, so that what I desire I experience right now. I choose only positive constructive thoughts; and in so doing I demonstrate perfect health, perfect loving relationships, and financial freedom.

I released my word Into the Law, knowing that they cannot come back to me void.

I give great thanks that this is so.

And so it is.