Prayer for Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living

Prayer for Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living
by Marylyn Kirk, RScP

All that is, is God/Spirit. God is infinite, indivisible, and absolute and is in and through everything. This one life that is God, is what I am!  This immediate presence of Spirit flows in, as, through and around me. I understand that I am a part of this amazing Spirit.  The thoughts that I think come from Source Energy and are realized in my reality. This Divine Presence is inspiring, sustaining and guiding me. I know this Truth and accept it for myself.

I recognize that God is at the center of all existence, including my life.  This life is rich!  God’s abundance is mine right here and right now. My life is one of ease, abundance, and love.  Wealth becomes me.  I am comfortable experiencing great wealth, love, peace, and balance. I claim this truth not only for myself, but for everyone at Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living.

Prosperity flows to me and to Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living, blessing our lives with clarity, joy, abundance, and unity. I receive all these God qualities with grace and appreciation.  I accept that I am continuously growing and expanding in consciousness.  I see possibilities in every area of Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living for greater good in our community and beyond, and say, “Yes!” As I say, “yes” I see it mirror back to me everything I need to know.  My life is filled with all that I need, when I need it, for as long as I need it.  I am a good steward of my money and resources and choose that which is only for my highest and greatest good.  I give freely of my time, talent, and treasure, knowing that it comes back to me multiplied abundantly. I am thriving, and as I thrive, Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living thrives in all areas.

I am grateful for my willingness to see the biggest and grandest vision for my life and for Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living. I am thankful and happy to see each person who attends our Center thriving in all areas of life. 

In embracing and releasing the Truth of this perfection, I celebrate the harvest of healthy, happy relationships, spiritual and monetary affluence, peace, joy, and well-being.  With complete faith and trust in the Spiritual Law that always says, “Yes,” I release these words knowing that it is done.  And so, it is!