Prayer for the Holidays

Prayer for the Holidays
by Lovater H. Jones, RScP

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays approach the memories of holidays past come to mind.  Many of the memories are joyful, but for some, they bring up memories that are not so happy.  The Truth is that God is present in both the joyful and the less than joyful memories.  They are both the flip side of the same coin.  God is in every situation, therefore we call it Good!

The Omnipresence of God is EVERYWHERE.  There is absolutely no place, where God is not.  God is the essence of all activity within everyone and in every action.  God is both the creator and the created; the actor and the action; the sight and that which is being seen.  There is nothing But God!

My entire being responds to the Omnipresence of God, for I have no existence separate and apart from the Spirit of God which indwells me; and as this is true for me, it is true for the one who is reading this prayer and for each person who is or was a part of your holiday memories.

I now speak my Word knowing that it the Law of Joy and Happiness and, as such have within it the power to remove all experiences that appear as less than Truth.  All memories that are less than joyful, and no longer serve you, have no resting place in your mind.  All thoughts which are less than total forgiveness, are right now removed from your mind and released into a sea of Love, cleansing them of unforgiveness at the cellular level and replaces them with the freshness of laughter, joy and peace.   Your mind is totally at peace!

 I am grateful for expressions of Love, Joy, Peace and Happiness, and accept that my words when spoken in Truth have set the Law into motion.  This activity of Law can do no less that bring this prayer into manifestation.

 I release my prayer into the Law and declare it so.

I allow it to be.

And so it is!