Prayer for This Now

Prayer for This Now
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

There is only now.  This moment, this time is not a vision of tomorrow or a memory of yesterday, just now – this holy instant of experience.  This is the point of Power.  This is the moment of Peace.  This is the moment of Clarity.  It is a moment teaming with Love.  God is here, in this now, in this moment, eternally bestowing blessings.  They are everywhere.  Now.  I recognize the One Divine Life that I call God.  I feel Its Presence.  I feel Its Eternal Love.  It is brimming with possibility.  In this moment is generosity and kindness, peace and understand.  In this moment, is God everywhere present.  Here. Now.  I pause for a moment of appreciation.  I pause to open my grateful heart to the Goodness of it.  Now.  As this New Year begins free of the encumbrance of the past.  Now.

In this now, I recognize Divine Goodness.  I recognize the beauty that surrounds me.  I recognize the peace that bubbles gently beneath appearances of form.  Beneath the appearance of discord, of war, of lack, of limitation, there is Energy.  It is the Energy of Spirit.  It is the Blessing of the Father who hears all prayers and generously answers all of them with love.  Do you feel the support?  Are you noticing the clarity?  God is perfectly clear.  In that Energy of Pure Love, all is well.  I know that the Father and I are one.  I know that Father and you are one.  There is only Oneness.  What seems to be different is really the same.  It is love.  It is goodness.  It is perfection.  Do you feel the peace?

So as this New Year begins, I breathe in appreciation for the Divine.  I pause to take in the Peace of God.  I allow the Divinity of Being to rush in and greet me.  Yesterday, we let go of all that no longer serves us.  Today, we embrace the possibility of a life divinely guided.  Always, I let Spirit lead the way.  Always, I allow God to tell me how to proceed.  Unless I forget, of course.  Then I laugh at my folly.  I choose again.

Amid this new beginning, I affirm peace for the world.  I recognize the oneness that exists beyond the seeming differences and know that ALL of us are love expressing.   All of us are the breath of the Divine.  God loves us all and I know that nothing can separate us.  We are one, here to help one another and answer the calls for love.

I give thanks that God is everywhere present always.  I give thanks that the past is gone.  I give thanks for the blessings of life, for all my brothers and sisters, for the love that is us.  I give thanks for the forgiveness that washes away the past and brings me back to THIS fresh moment; to now.  I give thanks.

Then I sit back in appreciation.  For God knows what God is doing, for it is already done and it is amazingly beautiful.  It’s a celebration.  It’s all good.  And so it is.  Amen.