Releasing the Flow of Goodness

Releasing the Flow of Goodness
by Chris Duvall, RScP

I recognize and honor Life. I am nestled in It, and It is nestled in me. From and within this Relationship, I live, move and have being. This living Relationship constantly renews me and expresses Itself through me at the level of my understanding and acceptance. My inner and outer conditions mirror one another. As this is true for me, it is true for all.

Knowing this Truth, I am motivated to work on the inner, surrendering thoughts and feelings that do not serve the free and joyful flow of life. It is amazing how lifting the veil of mistaken ideas and associated feelings reveals a deeper well of goodness and releases its flow.

Therefore, to the degree possible, I release any resistance in mind, emotion, body, environment, karmic and collective experience. I open my heart to promote and accept the energy of love and light, health and wellness, beauty and order, sufficiency and fulfillment of every kind.

I give thanks for God’s faithful responsiveness, wondrous design, and every good received and enjoyed. I now place this word into Spiritual Law, and declare it done. And, so it is.