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‘The son can do nothing of himself.’ We are strong only as we are in unity with good, which is God. “

“But the Father showeth the son, that is, it is revealed to us, through the inner-most parts of our being, that there is a complete unity, a perfect wholeness. As this concept of unity takes place it brings with it great authority. The Father quickens the son, the son quickens whom he will.

Here is a lesson in practical Religious Science. As the subjective state of thought becomes unified with goodness and love, it automatically reflects these in whatsoever direction the thought goes. The tendency of this inner thought sets the tendency of the outward life.

Let us make this plain. If one is not attracting good into his life there is something wrong with his unconscious thinking. The subjective state of his thought is wrong. The subjective state of thought constitutes the sum total of his belief. It is his habitual attitude toward life and living. This inner thought content is the sole medium between the absolute and the relative, between causes and conditions.

When this inner thought is clarified, that is, when it knows the truth, it will reinstate the outer man in peace, poise, health and happiness. This inner thought becomes clarified as we unify with good; this is the inner quickening. Following this is the outer quickening, the outward sign of the inner belief.”

RGCSL Daily Insights:

“When a man has this inner light he passes from death unto life. And this life unto which he passes is the life of God, consequently it is everlasting life. Death has nothing to do with life everlasting and is but an impatient gesture of the soul, wishing to rid itself of a body no longer useful.”

“It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes


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