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RGCSL Daily Insights

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Around the year with Ernest Holmes
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“Every soul in its struggle to scale the heights of spiritual perception must, on the way, express itself at the level of its own evolution, its own mental horizon. A careful study of psychology shows that those who continually condemn are either bound by the morbidity and intolerance of a false religion and a narrow philosophy or else they are suffering from an inferiority complex.

Ultimately we shall see that the universe rests on the shoulders of Love, that God is Love, and that all the errors of man are the result of ignorance of his own true nature. The happy outlook on life is always constructive, and the understanding heart is filled with sympathy and helpfulness to all. “

RGCSL Daily Insights:

“An evolved soul judges no one, condemns no one, but realizes that all are on the road of experience, seeking the same goal, and that each must ultimately find his home in Heaven.”


“It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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