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Question—For years I have cared for my mother. She was a very forceful character, dominating my entire life, not with a conscious desire to do so, but simply by the habit of years and a thought that she was caring for me. . . . She has lately died and I find myself like a ship without a rudder, having no initiative or power of decision. I realize now what has happened to me. Is it too late to develop some will power?”


ANSWER—Far from being too late to develop the latent power within, it is the ideal time for your expression, not only for such development, but for the reshaping of your whole reaction to experience. You MUST now take charge of your own affairs, using your own creative power. For a while it may be difficult for you to break old habits and assert yourself in your mental world, but do not be discouraged. Know that you were intended to do your own thinking; proceed to do so at once, and work diligently at your (page 151) conscious development. None of your divine inheritance has been lost through your non-use of individual thought; it is all there at your call, but you must learn that it has to reach you through new paths in mind.


By faithfully sitting in daily meditation, consciously accepting your power to decree and to decide, you build another habit that will make you positive by dethroning the old power that has so long coerced you. Assert yourself now and claim your birthright of freedom in perfect love before another dominant ‘mind’ appears in your experience. This moment is yours for development, self-assertion, for freeing yourself from that slave-consciousness.”


In your meditation say:
“Loving Giver of all my good, I thank You for my blessed freedom from mental slavery. I know that You give me power to think for myself, NOW —that You guide me in all my actions, NOW, that You protect me from mistakes. I know that Divine Intelligence within me guides me and directs me, and this faith and assurance I have, that all the good in the universe inspires me to think, say and do only the right thing.”

 “It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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