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RGCSL Daily Insights

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Around the year with Ernest Holmes
Compiled by Serving New Thought

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The insight for today:

“We find ourselves today, then,  somewhat inspired and somewhat inhibited by what the world has believed.”

“Jesus understood these things perfectly. That is why he said: ‘Judge not according to appearances but judge righteously.’ Let us forget for a time the religious aspect of our subject and approach it from another angle. Let us not think of God as Love, or even as Conscious Intelligence, but let us say It is that Source from which our life springs. When we are confronted with the problems of everyday living (embracing the thought of supply, and health and happiness) we like the word SOURCE. We constantly speak of the source from which we get so and so.”

RGCSL Daily Insight:

“It is literally true that ‘God is all. God is Good. Then all is Good.'”

“It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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