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RGCSL Daily Insights

Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, NM

Around the year with Ernest Holmes
Compiled by Serving New Thought

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“Question—I have a lot of day dreams, but seem to lack will power, or mental consent to carry them into action.

ANSWER—Will is a directive force, and when thus used it becomes the instrument through which divine energy is directed. Teaching oneself how to meditate and how to concentrate takes as much practice as that required for any other accomplishment—IT IS NOT DONE OVER NIGHT. Each day, without fail, give time to meditation—sit quietly— forget everything that suggests chaotic conditions or personal (page 52) dilemma. Each time a negative thought presents itself to you discard it from your mind. Do not be discouraged if at first your mind seems to wander—persistently put every diverse thought out of your mind until you have formed the habit of controlling your own mental action. Know that perfect order and harmony in your affairs is your birthright and CLAIM IT NOW. Treat something like this: ‘Divine Mind within me knows all things. It knows the answer to my problem and this Mind makes me know consciously just what action to take. I listen for the inner guidance, and I do make the right decision, and that which is for my highest good is now manifesting in all of my affairs.”

“I know that the Spirit of Infinite Goodness harmonizes into right action everything in my affairs, and that absolute Intelligence controls every act of my life.'”

“It Operates Simply By Speaking”

– Ernest Holmes

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