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Around the year with Ernest Holmes
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“SOME one has said that half a loaf is better than no bread, and ignorant faith is better than no faith. So perhaps we made some progress when our religious convictions were rooted in the Divine, even when we were convinced that Divinity was outside of, and vastly removed from, us.”

“For the first time in the history of human thought, we are coming to the place where intelligent people are setting about to rediscover man. People are becoming afraid of what the intellect, uncontrolled by spiritual ideals, may do to the human race. Many modern, scientific men are turning, with great earnestness, in an endeavor to find something that gives value to life, other than the mere uncovering of mechanical force and energy. Too much knowledge with too little wisdom is dangerous. 

If a man is seeking God, and if he happens to have the ability to think straight through, he will arrive at the inevitable conclusion that the discovery of God will have to come through the discovery of himself. This calls for an absolute unity between God and man; not a unity some day to be attained, but one that exists now; that existed before he found it out; and would have existed just the same if man had never made the discovery. Thus we realize that man is immortal now, whether he knows it or not. If this is not true—if he is not immortal now—there is nothing he can do to achieve immortality.”

RGCSL Daily Insights:
“As man mentally retraces his steps to the Source of his being — God — there gradually awakens in the human consciousness a concept of itself which is transcendent of the objective form. Every individual who lives finds that the great within of himself is immersed in God and is God, even while the great mental makeup of himself is the result of his experience. The physical makeup is merely an image, cast as a reflection into the mirror of his experience. Man walks back and forth, enslaved by the shadows of the walls he has cast between himself and Reality. The shackles are phantoms; they are not real and the Truth alone has the power to strike them from him.”

 “It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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