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The insight for today:

If we make ourselves receptive to the idea of love, we become lovable; to the degree that we embody love, we are love.”

“This is why people who love are loved; it does not pay to hate, hate is a human idea; love is a divine verity. If we make ourselves receptive to the ideas of peace, poise and calm, calling upon these divine realities, we find them flowing through us and we become peaceful, poised and calm. We have mental equilibrium and balance. Try this some day when you feel distraught, discouraged, agitated and irritated. Sit down with yourself–for there is a self within you that is real; no one can ever enter here but yourself, for it is you. Therefore, sit with yourself, that you may meet yourself, that the inner self may talk to the outer self; speak to it, calling it peace, if it is peace you need.”


” ‘Perfect me within me’ just as though you were talking to a person–or ‘My peace within me, which is perfect, come forth and express through me,’ and musing on this, meditating upon it, being receptive to it–not forcing, not coercing but allowing–you will find that the physical body will relax. Your agitation will disappear, confidence and peace will follow, and balance will be gained.”

“It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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