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Love Fulfilleth the Law…

Love Fulfilled the Law
Ernest Holmes, Founder

Ernest Homes


Question—”How can I overcome sorrow and loneliness caused by separation and not hearing from my two daughters?”

“ANSWER—’Love fulfilleth the Law.’

If you will realize perfect freedom for your daughters, you will be working the law for your own freedom. ‘Loose them’ and know that there is no separation in mind. The very mind current that flows through your own consciousness flows through that of your daughters.

Be very sure that you leave them in peace and freedom to write you or not, as they choose. Your work has to do with yourself alone, and as soon as you feel confident that your word is really true, your letters from them will be forthcoming. Do not merely hope. KNOW IT.”

In your meditation to dispel this condition,
treat something like this:

“‘I know that there is no separation, no misunderstanding, no inharmony in Divine Mind; and I know that Love fulfills Itself in my desire and that there is nothing between me and (naming them) that has the power to keep us apart. In love I know them to be divinely free and I give them the freedom that I claim for myself. I know that the love of God is flowing through them and through me and it works out this word of mutual interest and harmonizes into right action everything in our lives. My word is law unto this thing and cannot return to me void.'”


 “It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes