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Around the year with Ernest Holmes
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“Affirmations and denials are for the purpose of converting thought to a belief in things spiritual.”

“The premise of correct treatment is perfect God, perfect human and perfect being. Thought must be reorganized to fit this premise and must be built on this supposition. We must believe if we hope to successfully treat; we must have faith.

If the objection should be raised that having faith calls for superstition, let us remember this: all the sciences are built upon faith in principles which experience has proven to be real. Everything happens as though they were real and we are justified in believing in them. All principles are invisible, all laws accepted on faith—there is no alternative. No one has seen God at any time, nor has anyone seen goodness, truth or beauty, but who can doubt their existence? We must learn to have faith.

As practitioners we must have faith in Spirit and complete confidence in our approach to It, must know that we know and not merely be lukewarm in our convictions. We are to demonstrate that spiritual thought-force has power over apparent material resistance, and we cannot do this without faith and confidence in our approach to the principle which we wish to demonstrate.

We must believe in an ever available good and that we have access to it. We must act as though this good were real to us; it must be real to us if we hope to demonstrate it. The greatest teacher of applied metaphysics who ever lived taught the necessity of such faith. Faith has its seed-time and its harvest. Mental treatment repudiates doubt and fear and in their place builds up hope, courage and conviction, expectance and receptivity. The treatment takes place immediately in the thought of the one giving it.”

“Our work begins and ends in our own mind.”

 “It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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