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“People who are successful look upon life with radiant expression, with cheerful enthusiasm and receptive minds. They do not say, ‘everything is wrong and everyone is against me,’ they feel that everything is for them. We may hear them say, ‘conditions are temporarily wrong but they are straightening out,’ or, ‘things are not just as they should be but everything will come out all right in the end.’ This does not mean that they are saying things are right when they are wrong; it means that successful people have an inner conviction that things are fundamentally right with the world.

The critical, condemning, judging type have a sour look, a dyspeptic countenance and an unhealthy atmosphere. Healthy, happy, normal people find such mentalities distasteful and shun them; in so doing they act wisely. (page 53) In the long run nothing judges us but the immutable law of cause and effect. Whoever deserves punishment will receive it and whoever merits reward will find that it is brought by the hand of the Almighty and delivered to him.”

RGCSL Daily Insights:

“There is a direct law responding to condemnation and a direct law responding to praise and appreciation. It is, of course, the same law used in different ways.”


“It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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