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Around the year with Ernest Holmes
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The insight for today:

“I believe that we are surrounded by an intelligent law which receives the impress of our thought and acts upon it. “

“This is the law of our life and we may use it consciously and for definite purposes.  I am not superstitious about this law any more than I would be about the law of electricity or any other natural law, for nature is always natural. I believe in a religion of happiness and joy.  There is too much depression and sorrow in the world.  These things were never meant to be and have no real place in the world of reality.  Religion should be like the morning sun sending forth its rays of light;  it should be like the falling dew covering the land with fragrance and sweetness,  like the cool of evening and the repose of night.  It should be a spontaneous song of joy and not a funeral dirge.  From the fullness of a joyous heart the mouth should speak. I believe in the brotherhood of humanity,  the Parenthood of God and a unity binding all together in one perfect whole”

“I believe the Spirit is in the wind and wave,  and manifests Its presence throughout all Nature.  But most completely, through our own minds and in our hearts,  It proclaims our livingness and Its lovingness.”

 “It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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