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Around the year with Ernest Holmes
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The insight for today:

“As we trace the unfoldment of human personality, we find a calm, unhurried, definite and irresistible impulse, building finer forms and more intelligent avenues of self-expression, coming up through all the stages of unconscious and simple conscious organisms until at last it reaches a cycle which ushers in self-conscious humanity.”

“A very definite step takes place when we come to self-conscious humanity. The Divine Spirit has evolved a living soul, an emanation of Itself, that this soul may become immortal but individualized.

Why is it necessary that the soul shall undergo the experiences of evolution? Individuality means spontaneity, self-choice, volition, reality, creative ability. If we were to assume individuality, and volition, without law to bring its choice into fruition, we would have a dream, a hallucination, a fantasy. Individuality presupposes choice, which presupposes the possibility of bringing choice into actual experience. Only through experience can it come full-orbed into conscious unity with the Divine Mind. When the working idea emerges from an unconscious to a self-conscious state, it becomes individualized. At the doorway of self-choice, arbitrary methods of evolution cease. As we come to the point where we know ourselves, we are individualized; the Cosmic Mind must now wait for us to recognize our relationship to It.

When we reach self-consciousness, the Spirit can do nothing more for us until we consciously cooperate with It. Since human beings first said, ‘I am,’ nothing has been forced upon us. We have lived, learned, experienced and discovered.”


“Nature has awaited our discovery of its laws; as we discover new ones we use them. This is the meaning of an ancient saying, ‘nature obeys us as we first obey it.’ We must come to understand her laws, then she will obey us. Moses knew nothing about electricity; Solomon, with all his wisdom, had no automobile to ride in, yet all these possibilities existed–waiting ‘Behold I stand at the door and knock.’

Just as soon as the Divine Mind has brought the evolution of personality to a point of self-recognition, it must wait on our conscious cooperation for further evolution.”


“It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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