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“Any work which is of the Truth receives a reward. “

“The law of compensation looks after this as it does after everything else. If any man’s work be burnt,  that is, if it is not of the Truth,  he will suffer loss but the man himself will be saved.

Paul knew that there is no eternal damnation to the soul. He said that when we make mistakes we suffer as by fire. He does not say that we suffer by fire,  but,  ‘as by fire,’ the stricken consciousness,  the sense that we might have done better. The burning of the dross from the soul is,  ‘as by fire,’  but the man himself will be saved. In the end all will reach the same goal; to believe otherwise would be madness.”

To believe in any form of eternal damnation is sheer madness. Whatever man is,  he is because he IS,  and since he did not make himself he cannot help being what he is. But he does not yet manifest his true nature and much that he now manifests will be done away with,  while that which is real will live forever.:
“Man is the temple of God and the Holy Spirit indwells every soul. When the outer temple is unfit it is destroyed;  but it is evident that if the inmate is the Spirit of God It cannot be destroyed,  even by the greatest of human foolishness. The embodiment may be destroyed and is,  but the inner temple itself,  that structure reared on the foundations of the universe,  is eternal. That which is mortal of us will perish but that which is immortal is immortal.”

 “It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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