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Around the year with Ernest Holmes
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“To say it all in a little different way; from the standpoint of the spiritual universe, there is no solid fact; there is merely outlined form.”

“The findings of modern science tend to affirm this position. The material universe is not a thing in itself, but it has a definite meaning; its business is to give form to Spirit. The human body is some part of this form. If we can accept this position as true, we can come to believe that the nature of the Spirit is to control the flow of the form, then we can understand how it was that Jesus was able to heal the paralyzed man; was able to say to the blind man: ‘See.’ Jesus did not create vision; he re-molded the concept of vision. Jesus did not create the ability of man to reach out and grasp at a physical object; he merely recreated the idea of the instrument which could reach out. In such degree as we understand this principle, we shall be able to perform the same so-called miracles, and it would be in accord with law. But we must first come to sense the spiritual universe as real, and know that the power of our word, in conjunction with the Spirit, is immutable. We should have to learn to transpose the physical universe for a spiritual one and call upon the Invisible side of ourselves. This is far more than suggestion; it is the realization of life. The Essence of life is ever-present. It is the intellectual and mental faculties which mold this essence into form.”


“The Essence is already here and conviction measures it out.”

 “It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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