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RGCSL Daily Insights

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Around the year with Ernest Holmes
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The insight for today:

“The Spirit responds to us by corresponding to our states of thought.”

“We enter into It in such degree as we comprehend It. It enters into us through correspondence in such degree as we comprehend It. Prayer–communion with the Spirit, meditation or contemplation–is for the purpose of unifying our minds with the Universal Mind, opening up the avenues of our thought to a greater influx. 

The Spirit is ever ready, ever waiting because it is Its nature to incarnate. The greater our receptivity and comprehension, the more complete Its flow. The Universe is not only a spiritual system, it is an orderly system. We are living under a government of law, always, whether we deal with the soul, the body or the Spirit, whether we are dealing with physics or with metaphysics. The law is subject to the Spirit, which does not mean that the Spirit is capricious and may create a law only to break it, but does mean that law is subject to the Spirit, in that it is Its Servant–just as all the laws of nature are our servants and obey us insofar as we understand them and properly use them. The spirit, being Omniscient, understands and properly uses all law. Hence, the Spirit never contradicts Its own nature, is always harmonious, is complete within Itself; It exists in a state of perpetual bliss and always acts in accord with the law of Its own being.”

RGCSL Daily Insights:

“We are of like nature to this supreme Spirit. Everything exists within It. We exist within It, having arrived at a state of consciousness whereby we can consciously approach It, believe in It, receive It; and in receiving the Spirit, we receive the law which is Its servant, and that law becomes our servant.”

 “It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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