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Around the year with Ernest Holmes
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“If by goodness you mean that state of being which some people think they attain by sacrifice and long suffering—an imagined condition of perfection to which they have grown by refraining from untoward experience,”

“then I should say that goodness, such goodness, has nothing to do with your equipment as a practitioner.

You would not refuse to enjoy the sunshine just because you swore a bit yesterday; you wouldn’t close every opening in your room, so that the fresh air could not penetrate, just because you felt wicked from not going to church last Sunday?

No more can I imagine you would refuse to claim the greatest blessing that is yours (merely for the accepting) just because you thought you were not good enough. Isn’t it more likely that we are afraid some one who knows us will not think we are good enough? Aren’t we more afraid about what people think about us than what we think about ourselves?

I am convinced that there is always something within man, which constantly proclaims to him his Divinity, and which is always pushing out for expression, but we are stopped when we remember that those who know us might not believe we were sufficiently qualified. “

“Let’s banish from our thought the idea that the world must call us ‘holy’ . . . as the world understands the word . . . before we can claim our wholeness with Good, and demonstrate it for ourselves and others!”

 “It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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