Rise Up

Rice Up
by Robyn Rice Olmstead, Practitioner Emeritus

The time has come to surrender. Surrender to the Beauty and Grace of the Divine. To the AWESOMENESS of the sun peeking through the clouds. The miracle of a newborn baby. The Brilliance of  who we are as confirmed by every next breath. It is time to surrender and embody  and Surrender to the Truth of who and whose we are.  Embracing and standing in our Oneness, we rise up! We rise up to allow the Magnificence of Spirit to reveal a vision beyond our wildest dreams. A vision that reveals  more Peace, more Love, more Creativity, and more Health and Wholeness than we can imagine! We rise up and embrace the Infinite Possibility that we are and as we do, we expect and accept the Miracle that we are.  We shine our light into the world as an invitation to all to remember “their Truth” and to join us on this playground  of possibility.  We are the ones that we have been waiting for.  We rest in that, and allow it to be. 

And so it is.