Lovater Jones, RScP

Seeing Through The Eyes Of God

Seeing Through The Eyes Of God
by Lovater H Jones, RScP

“I live in harmony with all people and with all situations that surround me.”
— Ernest S. Holmes

I acknowledge that there is one Life and that Life is the Life of God and the very breath of all that lives.  For God is the Creator and that which has been created.  God is Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony and Eternal Life.

Because of who I am, an individualized creation of the One Spirit, I too am love, peace, harmony and eternal life. This One Spirit lives in, through and around me as Goodness.  As this is true for me it is true for everyone!  Just as each blade of grass is individualized, so is each person that inhabits this wonderful earth.

So, as I speak my word, I declare that which I behold with what I consider to be human eyes, are actually the eyes of the Living Spirit of God in me.  I see beauty in each face that I meet.  I declare that the Christ, the Living Spirit in me, greets the Christ and Living Spirit in each person that I meet today; for each of us is the Beloved.  I accept that unity does not mean uniformity; so just as a rose is a flower equally as much as a mum, each of us is the individualization of the One Spirit.  I live in harmony with and see EVERYONE through the eyes of God!

I give thanks for this prayer and am so grateful for this awareness!

I release this prayer into the Law, which is the Mind of God and declare it done.

And so it is!