Shadow Dancing

Shadow Dancing
by Yvette Trujillo, RScP

This morning I am delighted to consider the presence of my shadow. I take this time to look at the fullness of my expression and recognize that all of it, all of me, is the creation of the Divine. If I believe that all of creation is that of God and I believe that God is Good, then all of me must be Good as well, not just the parts of me that I’m willing to put on display but the parts I’ve stuck in the shadow too.

And so I lean into this Truth this morning as I dig around and explore ALL aspects of myself, especially that which I identify as bad or as ugly. I know that these parts of myself have so much to teach me – They are, in fact, my growing edge!

Knowing this to be True for myself, I know this to be the Truth of everyone reading these words. All creation is beautiful and no part is outside God’s love. For this remembering, I am so grateful.

Thank you Spirit.

And so it is.