Spirit is the Source of All

Spirit is the Source of All
Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

When I put myself and my life in the loving arms of Spirit, I feel a huge sense of relief knowing that whatever seemed like a problem is now taken care of. I remember that God/Spirit/Love is all there is, and the rest is just appearances. I know that all I need to live my life in joy and harmony is already here for me.

Spirit is the source of all life, all love, all abundance, all health. I remember that I am one with Spirit; there is no separation; and I am also one with every other creature. I am never alone. I am never in want. This is also true for every person who knows it and has the faith to trust Spirit. I know I am abundant, and even abundance, because I am a conduit for prosperity. I know I am healthy, and even healing, because I am able to see the reality of health behind the appearance of illness.

I know that I am Love, that I receive love, live in love, and bask in love, and that I bring love to all with whom I come into contact. That is the reality. In faith and love I release my words to the Law, that is, to the thing that takes our affirmations and brings them to reality. I give thanks to the Almighty Spirit for this life I live.

I release this prayer and let it go. And so it is.