I Am God in Action - Kamatara Paula Filipiak Johnson, RScP

Spirit Knows no Precedent, Only Now


The Daily Meditation 12.12.2013

Spirit Knows no Precedent, Only Now

Kamatara Johnson is a Practitioner II Student

Kamatara Johnson

I recognize the One Loving Source as the Divine Operating System of this Universe. This is God. This is Divinity, the Center of all that is. God is the activity of the Universe forever expressing in the finite. God is the harmony and the discord that seems to occur in the finite expressions of the Infinite. The seeming conflict and the resolution is God expressing and expanding. God is all there is.

I am one with God as I express and expand. In each breath, the Divine pulses through me, in me, as me. My every breath testifies to my alignment with the Divine that is the presence and power within me, expressing as me. There is no separation.

From this heightened consciousness, I affirm that I am fully connected to God, the center of my being, right now. As Spirit knows no precedent, I am not tied to my past; I am not limited; I am not bound. I am free to be my magnificent Divine Self right here, right now, rooted in the One Loving Source that informs my every thought, word, and deed. The Truth is clear in this present moment, regardless of my past because I am not my past conditions; I am now and I am Divine, perfect as is. The space I need to be my Self is opening up every moment as I allow the past conflict to disintegrate and the present Spirit to incorporate. I am truly connected with the One Loving Source that runs through every ounce of my being as I grow and expand into my own Self now.

I’m grateful for this Truth, for the Divine potential that is unlimited, for the ability to consciously tap into this unlimited potential, and for the vision to see this Truth. I appreciate the power of prayer and loving support of the Divine as I release old things that no longer serve me while deepening my mindful connection with the One Loving Source.

Confident in the knowledge of the Law and how this all works, I know this prayer is already done in the eyes of the Divine. The words have been heard, the action set into motion, the manifestation already present. So I release this prayer wholeheartedly and let it go to do Its business. And so it is.

Kamatara Johnson is a Practitioner II Student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.