Stepping into the New Year

Stepping into the New Year
by Greg Gardner, RScP

As I step into the New Year, I am reminded that beneath the cold harshness of these grey days of winter, the earth is preparing itself to burst forth with the abundance and warmth of Spring. As the earth recharges, strengthens and prepares itself, so we too are recharged, strengthened and prepared for the magnificence of another year.

That same healing Power that some call God, is preparing the earth for Spring just as it is preparing me for the New Year. I know that in each of us is the peace, understanding, and compassion to carry us through the coming year. I know too that within each of us is the skill, strength, and determination that can make this coming year the best that we have ever experienced.

What I declare with all the power and force of my faith, is that there is no thing that can prevent me from making this year the most magnificent time of my life! With that same fervor, I declare that there is no thing, no politician, no boss supervisor or family situation that keeps me from making this the most magnificent time of your life!

I commit to making each day one of unbridled magnificence. I commit to making each day one in which I will support all efforts to make every life one of unending joy, abundance, and celebration.

Celebrate each day….each moment.

And so it is. Amen