Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender
by Liza Kerr, RScP

Today, as summer is slipping into fall, the air feels fresh and cool.  I breathe in this air and surrender my struggle to God, knowing that there is enough of everything I need to make my journey here on this planet Earth, an exquisite experience.  There is enough love, peace, harmony, prosperity and abundance for me to accept my share and to live a joyous and prosperous life.

God is everywhere and is all things – God is Omniscient, Omnipresent and Everlasting.  God is immutable.  The same God – for all of eternity, time is irrelevant.  What was before, as is now, and is forever more – God.  I know that the very essence of that God is Love, pure and simple, true and sweet, Love.  Everything dissolves itself in the face of this Love.  This Love that is God is unconditional.  It lands on everyone like the gentle rain falling from the sky.  Everything we need comes from God – Grace, Joy, Happiness, Prosperity and Abundance.  God is Tolerance, and Surrender, Peace, and Forgiveness.
I know that I am an individualized personification of God as the one source.  I know that all of the qualities of God are also within me for I know that the outermost God and the innermost God are one and the same.  Like a drop of water from the ocean – I recognize that I am a creative force, responsible for how I live my  life for I have been given free will.  This does not mean I am The Creator, but a creator none the less.  Each day making choices that will shape my life.  The way that I live that life is entirely up to me.  I am 100% responsible for creating my life.  If this is true for me it is true for each of you.  Each of us responsible for our journey and the impact we make on this earth.

I speak my Word and my Word is Law – I acknowledge the ability to make choices in my life that will lead me to the kind of life that I want to lead.  That life is God’s life, that life is perfect, that life is my life now.  That life is love, and prosperity, joy and abundance, peace and harmony.  I surrender myself to God, knowing that I am all right. Trusting that the decisions I make will be divinely guided and will further me along the path to becoming the person God intended me to be. I claim this for each and every one of you as well – the absolute right to lead a life that allows you to become the person God intended you to be; each of us whole, perfect and complete.

I give thanks knowing that this manifestation has already occurred.

I release this Word to the Law of Mind, knowing that it cannot come back to me void.