Th Garden Speaks

The Garden Speaks
by Chris Duvall, RScP

Weeds camouflage themselves in the heart or at the base of plants, where they are fed and watered. Sometimes, weeds are not removed in a timely way because they’re so intertwined (as with the sedum), or mis-judged as an offshoot (as with the daisy). Thus, weeds are allowed to grow up with plants until they’re so apparent or troublesome that action is taken.

The eggplant and the pole bean plants are vigorous producers and do not ask permission to grow outside the box into the sun and the spaces where they have room to express more fully.

Sometimes the good fruit is hidden.

Good fruit may be hidden. Seek and find it.

Some plants like the shade and companionship of others.

Sometimes a plant produces more than a gardener can use. It is better to harvest the crop and share it than to allow it to rot on the vine.

Take time to notice the bright blossoming of a plant that appeared to be old and dried up.

Thank you, God for the beauty and nourishment the Earth is sharing. May we more closely attune and perceive its messages.