The Beauty Within

The Beauty Within
by Tilia Giron, RScP and Chaplain

Tilia Giron, RScP - All is Love


Let me awaken to the Beauty of the Power and the Magnificence within me.

Indeed, Let me awaken to who I am.

Who I am is one made like the Divine Creator/Creatress. I am made in Her essence, she is the Divine Mother, she is Divine Nature.

She is That Which/Who creates all that we are. And She does so out of love.

Love is the crucial essence within Power. They do not come separated.

Discover and explore the beauty and magnificence within you

And the mystery of the law that creates This power.

It is the essence – the magnificence within the gem stone of creativity – within the heart of a human being. It is the differentiating factor.

It is the seed that produces the tree and the fruit for generations to come.

It is the light of the world and it is that which keeps the world and all the worlds going and moving in harmony.

We cannot exist without Love.

So, stay awake and recognize the beauty of the power within you and realize that magnificence of the assets that you hold automatically, just by breathing.

All is already yours. Enjoy and enjoy your life.