Nancy Bowers RScP

The Heartbeat of Life

The Heartbeat of Life
Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy-BowersGod is the Heartbeat of Life. It is the Energy Source behind all Creativity; the Answer to every question. Easy and All-knowing, Spirit is Certain. It arrives with Calm Confidence knowing that Love is always being served up. God cocoons His children in Love. It is the highest and best response to every question. It is God’s only response.

It is the same response I strive for – that I may continuously choose love as my primary goal; that I may forever want peace as my objective. For I know, that I am made in the likeness and image of the Divine. I know my heartbeat pumps God. I know that who and what I am is the blessed child of God. I know that’s who you are, too. I recognize you even when you hiding your light. You are as God created you. You are love incarnate.

Love created you like Itself. Your heartbeat is love. Beyond all the illusions born from thinking there is something wrong lies a magnanimous bounty. There is nothing wrong. God sprinkled life with Love and beneath your misguided ideas that things should be somehow other than they are lies perfection. Beneath human misperception lies a pathway back to Love. God has never abandoned us, for He would be lonely without His children who are the heartbeat of life. We are eternally cared for. We are forever cherished. Come home to the remembrance of how precious you are. Come home to Spirit. God has saved you a seat at the table. Heaven waits for you to wake up to the beauty that surrounds you. Wake up. Treasure God’s gifts. You swim in them. You are them.

Then give thanks, as I give thanks. I fall to my knees in gratitude for the abundant life that is mine. I steep in the generosity of it. God is good and I am so very, very loved. God is good and you are loved, too, my friend. Open your heart. Do you feel how complete the adoration of Spirit? Love created you like itself. You are made of God-stuff.

Now let it go. There is nothing to try to control, nothing to fix, nothing to fret over. Let it go and drink in the perfection of being. I let God handle the details. Actually, He always was handling them; I just no longer fight Him on what it should look like.

And So It Is. Amen.