Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

The Light

The Light
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

Though I walk in the midst of sorrow, I am, nevertheless, the light shining in the darkness. For I know the truth of who and what I am. I know the truth of me. And I know that that truth and that light and that brightness and that radiance that lives within me is stronger and brighter and more powerful than the sorrow and grief that also lives here. It is more powerful than the pain. I do not deny the sorrow and loss, but that is not all of me. There is a part of me that is far greater. And it shines light through the shadow and the illusion of grief. It shines light that is so bright that it would annihilate any grief, any shadow, any veil that would threaten to stand in the way of my light.

So, I give breadth and space and latitude to this light that shines within me. And I claim it! And I own it! And it lives within me full force. And that is where I choose to place my focus, although I know it does not eradicate the sorrow and the emptiness, for you are not here and it is yours to home with me.

But you have a greater home that now calls you and I respect and honor that. Where ever you be my sweet, know my love is with you always. And so it is. And so it is.