The One Cosmic Power-Presence-Intelligence

The One Cosmic Power-Presence-Intelligence
by Chris Duvall, RScP

I look to and call to the One Cosmic Power-Presence-Intelligence that is the Source and Support of All. I know that there is no separation from It, for it is the Power-Presence-Intelligence, the Essence, of each one of us.

I am that I AM. As this is True for me, it is true for all.

This Essence is Spiritual Reality. As soon as It is acknowledged, It comes rushing forward. It has dissolving power — to dissolve conditions of illness and difficulty in life. It has raising power — to uplift and support. It has creative, manifesting power – to bring that which is in alignment with the Self into being. It is the only Thing that can.

I now align with This Power-Presence-Intelligence and channel It to all who desire Pure Goodness, knowing that It is willing and able to meet each one at the precise place of need — mind, body, and soul. I declare, that in Spiritual Reality, all are now free of troubling appearances. I open to and accept this Truth and allow It to do Its miraculous work causing each to be and to live Its Good.

For Spirit’s work of dissolving, lifting, and manifesting anew, I give thanks. I release my word into Spiritual Law and declare it done. And so it is.