The One, The Light

The One, The Light
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

There is One. Only One. This One is the wholeness of me. It encompasses all. I am this One. You are this One. Nothing is that is not of this One.

The One is the one Light that is everywhere present. Shining Itself as me, as you, as the sun, the moon and the stars. This one is simply the energy of Love glowing throughout It’s creation.

This is the light that lights up every being, every activity, every thought. My life is the light shining in the darkness. Every single one of us is the Light of the One made manifest. Each and every action serves to bring this Light to the fore. I shine knowing that the Divine is present as me. Each activity of my life is infused with the light of the One. My steps are perfect, there is nothing out of place, all is well!

I am in gratitude for this and so much more beyond what words can express! Living as the light, I release any claim on these words and I simple allow them to be.