The Order of the Day

The Order of the Day
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

The beauty and power of the Universe is everywhere present and always revealing perfection. That perfection is my life and it is your life. We are one with this power, always able to access the full richness of the Universe as us. 

I know that oneness with the universal law is the order of the day. All individuals function together as community, and all appearance of conflict is only an opportunity to strengthen bonds within the community. Any discomfort or discord dissolves into the nothingness from which it came as we build community in an intentional way. I know that escaping what is in front of us is merely an illusion – Oneness dictates that there is only one place to be. We embrace this place, this life, this life that we are revealing right now.

And I have great gratitude that this is the truth that binds us all. I am grateful for every expression the Divine that I am blessed to encounter.

I release this knowingness into the perfection from which it has been spoken, letting it be.

And so It is!