The Path of Consciousness

The Path of Consciousness
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, Ph.D., RScP

I know my truth. My truth is that I am of God and one with God. That truth lives within me and as me at all times. I claim that truth right now and always.

I call forth in me now and always the Awareness that that is so. And I am so grateful that Awareness is my own name in another space and time. This I know and I remember. I had almost forgotten. Thank you God that I now remember and I choose to continue to remember.

In the knowing of that Awareness that is Divine and also within me, I choose to hold the knowing of Conscious Awareness that is also Continuous as the Divine is Eternal and Continuous without end.

And So, in this Conscious and Continuous Awareness, I speak forth my intention to remember and hold the awareness that we are all equal and divine beings created by the One Divine Presence present in all things.

In the Continuous Divine Awareness, I actually have no need to remember for the Consciousness continues for all is as it is. And my thoughts, actions and speak all spring forth from that Divine Continuous Awareness that is everlasting.

My speak, being and behaviors therefore, always stem from a consciousness that is considerate and kind and mindful of all that is going on around me at all times. And, so it is, that I watch with a beauty and an attentiveness that is filled with Love for myself and all others.

I am free and I am easy in my thoughts, speak and behaviors at all times for I am filled with the knowing and awareness and the continuous ever-flowing Love of Divinity Itself.

I say, thank you Everloving Spirit. Thank you Divinity that births me and all of us continually as I/we walk the Path of Consciousness and the Middle Road.

And so it is!