The Power

The Power
by Gil William Olmstead, Spiritual Director

I am grateful for the power and the energy of the Universe that is my life. There is only one power and this power is in, as, and through all things. As such this power is my power, it is your power. We cannot run from it, we can only acknowledge it and allow it to shape our lives in peace and grace.

It is from this reality that I am able to speak this word. God is. I am. I am and have all that I need. I am a powerful being who is loved and lovable through and through. As this is true for me, it is true for you. There is always that place in us where only the perfection of Spirit resides. That place where the truth of who we are exists no matter what. We are protected with a shield of love that we can feel. Our true nature contains no weakness. There is nothing to be “weak” in the face of. There is only the One Life, and it is conspiring for our good always.

I give thanks for this Word and my being able to allow it to flow. I release it now knowing that it is true and it manifests continually and completely!

And so it is.