The Unassailable Truth and The Irrestible Word – Daily Insights

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Around the year with Ernest Holmes
Compiled by Serving New Thought

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The insight for today:


“The Truth within me is unassailable,
and the Power of the Word is irresistible.
I can even now feel that my Word
has gone forth with Power and Reality,
and that it will accomplish
that purpose for which it was created.
Limitless is its Power
and wonderful are its works.
It can be nothing less
than the Almighty working in and through me,
I will let this Word of the Spirit
go forth from my mouth,
and heal and bless the world.
It shall be as a strong tower
unto all who call upon it.
The Truth is Complete and Perfect,
and is within me now.”

“My Word is complete and perfect, now.”


“It operates simply by speaking.”
– Ernest Holmes

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