The Watchful Eye of the Divine

The Watchful Eye of the Divine
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

Spirit is everywhere present. In the beauty we see around us, in the wonder of the weather, in the day to day simplicity of our lives. I know that my life is the One Life expressing. I am full of beauty, full of wonder and full simplicity. That is the truth of all life.

Knowing this I know that the Divine is always present where I am. It is always holding me, directing me, supporting me. I cannot escape the watchful eye of the Divine. I am forever in Its presence. Its presence is my life. I am always included, I am always loved, I am always known.

For this and so much more I am in gratitude. I am grateful for my life. I am grateful for all life. I am joyfully grateful.

So I know that this word is always fulfilled and so I simply release it to the Divine knowing it is done.

And so It is. Amen