There is Nothing That Exists Outside of God

The Daily Meditation 3.28.2014

“There is Nothing That Exists Outside of God”

Lynn Taylor, Practitioner I Student

Lynn TaylorOne…One…One. One life. One Love. One Mind. God is all there is. There is nothing that exists outside of God. All life, all love, all strength , all flowers and all M&Ms, even the green ones, reside within the One, God.

I am a part that one life, one love, one mind. I am an integral, vital and important part of God. For this to be true about me, it has to be true about every single person who reads this and every single person who does not read this. Flowers and M&M’s all around, on me. Okay, on God.

I have access to all life, love, strength, flowers and M&M’s, especially the green ones. The catch is, and I know, in place that I can only know the truth, that I must accept what God is always giving me or there is not gift. There is only one individual, one entity in this entire universe that can accept these gifts for myself and that is me. I am the only one. However, I also know without doubt or reservation that there is unlimited support for me through family, friends, strangers, practitioners, and faith. Again the rub is that I must accept it. And, in the end, that support gets me right back to me, the only one who can affect my life, my choices and what I will accept. Right here and right now I choose, life, love, knowledge, flowers and green M&Ms. I accept all that I can this day, which is more than I could accept yesterday and less than I will accept tomorrow. I am no Polly Anna. I have had my share of grief and strife, lost keys and lost loves, but I now know that every positive thought I can muster, every ounce of Good I can accept builds one upon the other until the appearance of what I find not Good in my life starts to disappear. This is the time of year to start cleaning for spring and I am starting with the junk in the trunk, the skeletons in my closet and the 8-track tapes in the attic of my soul. One by one I find those preformed, deformed, and uniformed attitudes that no longer serve and sweep them out. In the place of each one I accept more life, more love, a rose and maybe an M&M or two. I am not saddened or disheartened by how much junk I find in my trunk, the number of skeletons lurking in my closet, or the stacks of 8-tracks in the attic. I have all the time I need and I have all the strength and stamina I can accept, because I am one with God. 

I am more grateful than I can put into words for me and my life. This is the best life ever given to me and I am thankful. I give thanks for every bit of Good that comes my way no matter how small I perceive it to be. I am grateful for every bit of junk, all the skeletons, and each broken up, busted 8-track I come across (the player quit years ago anyway), because each and every unnecessary thought and attitude I uncover and discard shows me the progress I am making. I am grateful for the feeling that spring cleaning is best done year round.

I release my words into the one law, in full knowledge and conviction that they are already made whole and complete in perfect form. And so it is. 

Lynn Taylor is a Practitioner I Student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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