There’s So Much Happening!

There’s So Much Happening!
by Yvette Trujillo, RScP

God is all there is. Spirit flows in, around and through all that I can see and all that is invisible to me. Divine mind is that which operates everything in the Universe and as I look around, there’s so much happening! There are blades of grass coming up in amazing colors of green, there are leaves growing and filling in the trees and the birds, newly animated by the warmer days, are building nests and flitting busily here and there filling this beautiful morning with song. There is activity all around me, and somehow there is an ease and grace that flows through all of it. There is no need to stressfully work at or try with furrowed brow to accomplish…. the Divine mind of God simply lets flow that which is there to be done…. like water moving along in a stream, it simply flows and everything that is needed is available. Easily and effortlessly the leaves and twigs that the little bird needs to build the nest are available. The energy and nutrients that the flower needs to grow and bloom are right there surrounding it!

As I recognize this to be true in nature, I know that this is the essential truth of my own being. Though it may seem that the work I have to do is insurmountable, the truth is that I am supplied abundantly by God to do all that I need to do. I am energized by the breath of life,  by that Spirit that is in, through and around me. I have the clarity of mind, the energy and the inspiration to accomplish all that is before me. Today I remember that I am sourced by the same God that makes all that I see in nature happen and I realize that the activity of my hands is the activity of God. That the words that I speak are the words of Spirit. There is no separation for all I do is the work of the Divine and I am supported!

I am so grateful knowing that I am guided by God this day, that I am supplied by God this day and that I am inspired by God this day.  Everything that I need is available to me in perfect time, in right order and with deep abiding peace. Thank you Spirit!!!

And so it is ❤️