Lovater Jones, RScP

Think On These Things

Think On These Things
By Lovater H. Jones, RScP

“Relying on the maxim that Principle is not bound by Precedent we should not limit our expectations of the future; and if our speculations lead us to the conclusion that we have reached a point where we are not only able, but also required, by the law of own being, to take a more active part in our personal evolution that, heretofore, this discovery will afford us a new outlook upon life and widen our horizon with fresh interests and brightening hopes.” ~Thomas Troward – 1915

In contemplation of the above quote, it is clear that no matter what we have said, done or experienced in the past, we can change it. The Lovingkindness of the All-Forgiving Spirit of God, holds us faultless, as we change our thinking about these experiences. Change your thinking, change your life!

God, the Essence of all Life, is Eternal, Changeless, Birthless and Deathless. The Presence of Spirit lives in all creation. It is the Creator and that which is created.

I am a part of this Life. I have no breath, no movement, no life, separate and apart from the Spirit of God which lives within me. Just as this is true for me, it is also true for the one who is reading and/or verbally speaking this prayer. We are one and same creation of Spirit. No matter who you are, or what you believe, we are inseparably one, as the Oneness of the Spirit of God lives in each of us; uniquely and individualized, as you and me.

So, as I speak my word, I declare that which I think, say and contemplate is filled with the Creative Power of the Holy Spirit. This Spirit lives in ALL. There are no limitations, as Spirit is limitless. I am in no way hindered or bound by past experiences, actions unconsciously or consciously taken or words spoken unkindly to others. Principle, which is cause and effect, is not bound to continuously bring forth, into manifestation these actions. As I expand my thoughts beyond that which has gone on before, the Spirit of God corresponds in like manner to this expansion. I, therefore, change all limiting beliefs and embrace this awareness. I surrender, right now, all conscious effort to restrict or hinder the all Expansive Creative Power of Spirit. My intention, with no internal denial, is to allow God to be God in me – Limitless, Unbound, Expansive, Creative, Compassionate, Whole and Bountiful.

I am so grateful for this change in my thinking and this way of being. I am so very thankful. I bless and give thanks for the Creative Word of God within me, knowing that this Word has set the Law into motion. I am truly, truly grateful for the outpicturing of this prayer.

I now release this prayer to the Law of Mind in Action. I declare it so and know that even before I uttered a single word, the answer was already made manifest.

And so it is!