This One Energy of All Things

This One Energy of All Things
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

The beauty, the light, the air, the Life – all of it is the One revealing Itself. My life, all life is this One Energy of all things. We do not exist except that Spirit has chosen to exist as us. All of the grandeur of nature is my life, it is your life!

Embracing this truth, I am now fully aware that all is well. All needs are met. All desires are the expression of Spirit. My life is all the abundance, all the comfort, all the love that of Spirit. Right now I activate all good things in my life and in each life for that is who we are to be. Powerful service is received by all who we touch. Absolute perfection is the order of the day. I am all that I ever will be right now.

Gratitude pours through my body and understanding. How wonderful the realization that ALL is available AS us!! I am grateful and joy-filled as i accept this truth.

I release all hold I may think I have and trust in the Law of Life to reveal all each day.

And So It is!