Today, I am a Success

Today, I am a Success
Kathy Mathiason, RScP

Kathy Mathiason, RScP - Presence and Power of the Infinite Mind

“We should expect the best, and so live that the best may become a part of our experience.”
Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

There is only Love, one Life, I call God. It is the Divine Intelligence and Sacred Essence in, around, through and as everything. It is forever creating more of Itself out of Itself. I know that I am a part of everything in this Universe. I am one with the Source of all Life. I know that I am a channel of constructive action through which all good things are expressed. Creative Mind flows through me continuously and It follows the direction of my beliefs and expectations. Through Creative Mind I choose the direction of my life. It is mine to accept as I believe.

Today I am in touch with my inner wisdom. I experience success in all that I do. I consciously focus my thoughts only on what I desire in my life. With ease and grace, I let go of past fears. Fears that have led to limitations and false beliefs in my life are no longer mine. I engage in a new willingness to be open and receptive to my highest good. Knowing that my highest Good is always connected to the Divine. With this clarity of who and what I am. I am Divinely guided into making right decisions, finding solutions easily and effortlessly when faced with challenges and that I am a channel for healing and peace. It is with great joy I move successfully toward my goals of greater self-expression, success in all my endeavors, and expressing an abundant life.

So it is with great gratitude that I accept I am success-in-action, knowing that this success is unfolding now in my life.

I release my word into the perfect Law knowing that as I have spoken it is done. I am confident that it is so. And so it is.