Today I Choose to See the Good.

Today I Choose to See the Good.
by Marilyn C. O’Leary, RScP

I am reminded today that I have a choice about what I want to think. Do I want to think a thought that makes me feel bad or hopeless or good and hopeful? When the newspaper brings me someone else’s idea of what I need to know, and it’s usually something to be frightened of, do I become afraid, or do I look behind the words to the good, to the oneness, to all I don’t know about who is working on that problem, or to what I do to bring good to the world. Better yet, maybe I choose not even to get the news early in the morning.

I choose today to turn to Oneness, to be aware that Spirit is everywhere, and that I am joined with others in Spirit, and we are one. I bring my thoughts to knowing I am One with Spirit, and It acts in me, through me, and as me. In fact, It is nearer than my breath. There is no separation. This is true for all beings.

I am grateful for my fellow beings, they are the vehicle for bringing good to the world. I am grateful for the abundance in my life, that I have all I want and need, and I continue to know that the limitless universe is here for me to live a full and abundant life. I am grateful for my health, for the energy I have to be and to do what I am moved to do.

I am aware today of the power of choice. I know that it is simple though not necessarily easy to change my thought to see the good. And I know that practice brings me a life of fulfillment.

I choose to see good, God, and Oneness in all beings and all things today.