Treatment for a Healthy Heart

Treatment for a Healthy Heart
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

God is All there is. God is the energizing principle of the universe. God is intelligence, design, pattern. God is spiritual warmth. God is inspirational fire. God is devotion. God is perfect health and well-being. God is in the rhythm of the universe. God is in the music of the spheres. God is harmony. God is  Love. Love is the motivating force in the universe. All there is is Love.

I am one with God. I am one with the qualities of God. In me is warmth, love, inspiration, devotion. In me is the rhythm of the universe and the music of the spheres. I am perfect health and well-being.

As this is true for me, it is true for everyone who reads these words. We are the expression of God manifest. We are love. We are perfect health. Our hearts beat calmly and regularly like the pulse of the universe. Our hearts are a reflection of the Universal Heart of Love. Our hearts reflect the perfect health of a perfect body, perfect in the image of Spirit. Our heart are strong. They beat in their perfect, natural rhythm. The workings of our hearts are as harmonious as the music of the spheres. Beyond any appearance of imperfection is the perfection of Spirit in all of us.

I am thankful for the Heart of God that infuses us with the perfect human heart. I am thankful for Love and for the Law. I am thankful for all I have. My heart is full and at peace.

I release my word to the law of the universe, knowing that the law  always says YES!

And so it is.