Marilyn O'Leary, RScP

Treatment for Grief

Treatment for Grief
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

Divine Love, divine life, divine comfort, divine guidance, divine goodness is all around. It fills this universe. It is its Source.

I am one with Divine Source, Divine Life, Divine Comfort.

I approach the Divine with a heart full of grief, a presence filled with loss. I am the parent who has lost a child. I am a wife who has lost a husband. I am a child who has lost a parent. I am a refugee who has lost a home. My grief feels overwhelming, leaving me bereft, confused, lost. Yet somehow, through this, with the help of grace, I have a sense that I am not alone.

I affirm that  in any experience of loss, I am present and so is the Divine I Am. Even though I have times of feeling alone, abandoned, I am brought by grace to remember that Spirit is with me. I find comfort when no words can comfort me. I find Love when I am alone. I remember that I am not alone. I surrender to Spirit, knowing that someday I will find comfort and understanding. I am present in my loss, I do not deny it, and yet a part of me knows that I am surrounded by love that reaches out to me when I am ready to receive it. On this difficult journey of  grief and acceptance, I am with Spirit. I am comforted. I am at peace.

I give thanks for the forces in the universe that surround and comfort me. They come to me through friends, thoughts, letters, emails, phone calls. They come to me when I am quiet and go within. I am grateful for those who reach out to me with Love. I know that I, and all who grieve are comforted.

I release this prayer to the universal source, to Love, knowing that it comes back fulfilled. And so it is. Amen