Treatment for Musical Self-Expression

Treatment for Musical Self-Expression
by Marilyn O”Leary, RScP

I remember that I am one with God, that God is my Good, and that all Good comes to me through God.

God is Beauty, Love, Joyful self-expression. Music is Joy, Love, connection, self-expression, fulfillment, light, raising up.

I surrender all thought of not being good enough, of being unworthy to sing for people.

I deny all fear and all thoughts of lack in me.

There is no fear is Reality, no lack in Reality, in God.

I consciously give up fear for faith. I consciously give up timidity for confidence.

I sing from my Soul. I love my song and it loves me.

With clarity I arise to take courage to command the Divine in me. I command Spirit to instill in me faith, confidence to remember everything I need to remember, and to sing imbued with Love.

I am confident Divine Action now works through me to will and to do what is mine to do,

I honor Spirit, which does the work through me.

I sing well, knowing that I am an expression of Divine Spirit.

I release my word with great confidence, knowing it comes back to me fulfilled as joyous song.

I let it go and so it is. Amen.