Treatment for Play and Joy

Treatment for Play and Joy
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

I am one with the Everlasting, All-Present, and All-Powerful God. I am one with Love and Light. I am one with the One.

I am the place where Love plays. I am the place where Spirit plays.

I breathe and let go of all I think I am holding onto and holding together.

I let go of all I think I am in charge of and all I wish to be in control of.

I give it all over to Spirit, knowing that Spirit is in charge for my highest good.

There is no effort to my life. I am Divinely guided.

I am inspired to play today, to experience a fuller life of relaxation and joy.

What does a day of play look like? It can include music, singing, laughter, love, being with people who love me, whom I love, expressing my talents and interests, being where I am inspired to be.

I smile, knowing it is good for me, for my body, for my spirit, and for all who come into contact with me. My smile spreads joy. It relaxes me and brings me closer to enlightenment. It reduces pain and stress. It is a gift from Spirit. I smile, knowing that my smile expresses the Good, the Love, the Gratitude I feel for being alive.

I am grateful for the understanding that play, joy, and love bring me closer to the spirit in me. I am filled with gratitude as I joyfully release these affirmations knowing that they return to bless me and everyone who says them with me.

And so it is. Amen