Treatment for the Holidays

Treatment for the Holidays
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

Like every day, the holidays are subject to our intentions. This is a prayer for a warm, generous, thankful holiday season filled with love and peace.

Love surrounds us. It is the motivational force that fills the Universe. I know it because I feel it in my life. It expresses as Warmth, Joy, Peace, Health and well-being, Abundance and prosperity, Kindness and Compassion, Creativity and joyful self-expression, friends and family. Love makes all things new, and makes it possible to change our experiences of life. I am one with Love, it is One with me. And I am one with everyone who reads and accepts these words I write for myself and everyone else.

I go deep inside to the silent stillness of the Present, and know all is well. I affirm peace for me, my loved ones, and the world. It is possible and I can feel it. I affirm joy, and I see it in the beautiful colors of the fall and winter seasons and the laughter of children and friends. I affirm abundance and generosity as I am grateful for all I have and all that flows through me in the material and spiritual realms. I affirm health for all who request it. I affirm sustainability for our beloved Mother Earth as we appreciate all the flora, fauna, and humans who inhabit it and bring their gifts. I affirm Oneness, knowing that we are all One in Spirit, we are connected in Love, we are kind and compassionate to all. I know and affirm every day, every holiday, is a new day full of new possibilities open to my intentions and prayers.

I give thanks for my life, for Life as it abounds, for all who read these words, for Love. I release these words to the Universe.

And so it is.